What I offer as a Doula

If you are considering hiring me as your doula, we will start by scheduling a first exploratory meeting with no strings attached and without any cost. This meeting will last about 30 min to 1 hour. Depending on your preferences, this meeting can take place in your home, in my home, in a café, or online through a video chat. If there is a partner, it's strongly recommended that they also join the meeting. The purpose of this meeting is for us to get to know each other a bit, discuss your expectations, and see if we click. For me to be able to give you the best support, it is very important that the match feels good both for you and for me.

If we don't click, then we part as friends and I'm happy to help recommend other doulas. If you decide you would like to have me as your doula, then I ask you to confirm within a week from our first meeting. 

Once we have confirmed me as your doula, we will schedule at least two prenatal appointments during your pregnancy, each lasting approximately 2-2,5 hours, where we will go over in more detail your expectations, wishes, fears, questions, preferences, and anything else which might be of importance. I can also introduce you to different relaxation and breathing techniques for labour and birth, we can practice positions for birth, and I can help you create your birth plan. If you should desire more than two of these meetings, this can be added for an additional fee. 

If you desire, I will also be happy to join you once to an appointment with your midwife or doctor when you go for a check-up, so that they will also be familiar with me and we can discuss together certain questions or preferences if needed. 

In addition to our in-person meetings I am also available via phone, e-mail and WhatsApp throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period should you have any questions or concerns. 

From 38 weeks of pregnancy, I will be on call for you 24/7 until you give birth. This means you can call me any time, day and night, when you think your labour has started. I will always appreciate if you give me a heads up as early as possible, and then let me know at what point you would like me to come. I will be by your side as fast as I can from the moment you want me to, and stay with you throughout labour and birth. After your baby is born I will stay for another 2 hours approximately. 

After the birth, if desired, I will visit or call you once within the first few days to see how you are feeling and offer my support. We will then have a final postpartum meeting after about 6 weeks in order to go over the birth experience together and close off. 

Should you desire additional help and support for the postpartum period, I can also help with this, including help around the house and similar tasks for an additional fee. See my pricing list for details. 

The price of my Basic Birth Doula Support Package is right now 300 EUR (incl. VAT). This is a lower fee for as long as I'm still a doula student. For any questions about the payment you can always contact me. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your training?

I'm a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, certified by HypnoBirthing International - The Mongan Method in 2020, and I'm currently training with BiA Doula Training towards certification as a birth doula. 

Will the fact that you don't yet have a certificate as a doula effect the quality of your support? 

I trust that it will not. The job of a doula is based a lot on intuition and responding to the needs and wishes of the birthing mother. I already have detailed knowledge of the birth process as a childbirth educator and from my doula training, as well as knowledge of different techniques and comfort measures. Should I come across anything which I am uncertain about, I have an experienced doula mentor to reach out to for support. 

Have you given birth yourself?

Yes, I have given birth twice myself, to two beautiful children. 

Can you communicate with Dutch midwives and doctors? 

I do not speak Dutch, but I can understand some. I can communicate fluently in English with care providers if needed. Are you not a Dutch speaker yourself, then your care provider will need to speak English either way. My native language is Swedish. 

Do I have to pay for your services in full up front? 

I respect that everyone's situation is different, and I don't believe money should be holding you back from getting the support you need. If you cannot or don't want to pay the full amount up front, then we can arrange payment in installments based on your situation. 

Do you only work with clients in Almere? 

I'm willing to work with any client as long as I can travel to them in less than an hour for the birth. This includes Almere and the rest of Flevoland, Amsterdam and surrounding areas. In some cases, depending on travel distance and parking costs, I might charge an additional amount for travel expenses in agreement with you. 

Can you take photos during birth? 

I'm not a professional photographer, but if you want me to I'm happy to take some photos during your birth. Should you want a professional birth photographer for this purpose instead, I'm happy to help you look for one. 

If I'm interested in learning more about HypnoBirthing, can I combine this with your doula services? 

Yes, of course you can! All my doula clients will be eligible to receive the full HypnoBirthing course to a reduced price if they wish. See more details for the course here.

What happens if you cannot attend my birth due to illness or other responsibilities? 

For every birth, and in agreement with you, I will work with a back-up doula. In the event that I cannot attend your birth due to illness or similar, I will arrange for my back-up doula to come to you instead.