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Who am I?

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I'm Veronika Dellus, proud mother of three (four, if you count our adorable dog, and I do), and certified birth doula and Hypnobirthing childbirth educator. 


Since I can remember, I knew I wanted to become a mother and experience the miracle of giving birth. The topic of birth fascinated me for a long time, and this fascination grew into a passion once I became pregnant the first time. I now have three beautiful children. Each pregnancy and birth has been different from the other and thought me new things about myself. Giving birth to my children has been incredably transformative and empowering experieces for me.


I was born and raised in Sweden, but have a natural urge for traveling and experiencing the world. Currently I'm living in Almere, the Netherlands, with my husband, our children, and our beloved dog. On my free time (which, let's face it, I don't have a lot of these days) I enjoy cooking, painting, writing and spending time out in nature. 

I first came across Hypnobirthing during my first pregnancy. The Hypnobirthing course I took was very eye-opening for me and thought me a lot about birth. I also found the tools incredably useful for my own births, and have been coming back to it each time. After our second child was born, I decided to become a HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator myself, to continue spreading the wonderful techniques and philosophies that helped me so much. 

Shortly after starting with Hypnobirthing I realized I wanted to be able to offer parents more than preparation - I wanted to be able to offer them my continuous support also during labour and birth. Therefore, I decided to continue my journey in the birth world and also become a Doula. 

I feel that being a doula is just as much of a calling for me as being a mother. It is not something I do, it is something I am. The journey towards being able to call myself a doula started many years ago when the seed started growing in my mind, but back then the timing was not right. I needed to grow and transform, as a person and as a mother, before I was ready to take on my doula calling. But the day came.

During my two year doula training I attended several beautiful births, each one different from the other, each one teaching me something new about birth, about myself and about my role as a doula. During this time I also became pregnant myself for the third time. I managed to fulfill my final requirements for my doula certification during my final months of pregnancy. Attending births while also being pregnant myself was yet another layer of experience and insight.

My goal as a doula and childbirth educator is to offer guidance and support to parents by any means available to me. I believe each birth is unique, and each mother should be supported in giving birth any way she chooses to. Giving birth and becoming a parent is by far the most life changing and transformative event most people will experience, and it should be treated with the respect and importance it deserves. I'm here to be by your side on this important journey, to help you if needed, and to remind you of the amazing power you have within you. 

When I'm not mothering, doulaing or teaching birth classes in Almere, you can also sometimes find me teaching at Mom&Co in Amsterdam or helping out as part of the Mamamoon team.

Much love!

My education and training:

- B.A. in Psychology, IDC Herzeliya, 2016

- Marie Mongan HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator Certification, 2020

BiA Doula Foundation Training, 2021

- BiA Doula Advanced Training, 2021

- BiA Doula Certification, 2023

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