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What People Say

"I cannot recommend Veronika highly enough. As a first time mom, I had no idea how to prepare for birth and became anxious with my due date approaching. Veronika’s HypnoBirthing lessons were just what I needed to feel empowered, capable and at ease. We quickly decided we needed her calm presence and knowledge also during birth. Veronika kept following up and supporting us through a rollercoster of events before and after birth. She’s one of the reasons why we had such a positive experience."


Private HypnoBirthing Course and Doula Support in Amsterdam, 2022




"(Translated by Google) Very good experience with the hypnobirthing course with Veronika, I can recommend it to every (future) parent! (Original) Hele goede ervaring met de hypnobirthing cursus bij Veronika, ik kan het elke (aanstaande) ouder aanraden!"


Group HypnoBirthing Course in Almere, 2022



"Super nice course and great teacher, everyone should prepare before birth and that's the place to do it"


Group HypnoBirthing Course in Almere, 2022

"Het volgen van de hypnobirthing cursus bij Calm Mama was een wijs besluit tijdens de zwangerschap. Veronika hielp me omgaan met de angsten die er speelden rondom de bevalling. Ze gaf geweldige tips en hielp me het goede gesprek te voeren met mijn verloskundigen. Het resultaat: een intense, toch kalme droombevalling! In zes uur kwam een volledig ontspannen kereltje op aarde. De eerste twee weken sliep hij zo veel, dat we hem moesten wekken voor de voeding. De cursus en met name de oefeningen deden me inzien dat een bevalling vredig kan verlopen, in rust en zonder ingrijpen van anderen. En dat dit veel invloed heeft op de start van een kleintje.​"


Online Group HypnoBirthing Course, 2021

"I was very excited to attend a hypnobirthing course, and Veronika didn't let me down. The course was very thorough and well-structured. The lessons were engaging, interesting and never boring. Veronika covered breathing and relaxation techniques, visualizations, but also physiology of pregnancy. Moreover, you get a recap via email and some exercise to practice at home. I would recommend this course to any expecting couple who aspires to have a calm, peaceful birth and still feel empowered. Veronika with her calm presence and knowledge, will guide you there."


Online Group HypnoBirthing Course, 2021

"Veronica is very professional. She manages to make the course accessible to everyone. The course brings up many questions and exposes you to new ideas about birth and with Veronicas guidance I am able to say that I believe that I can give birth using all the technics I learned in the course"


Online Group HypnoBirthing course, 2021

"Highly recommend the HypnoBirthing course. Veronika helped me to understand that there is a positive way to look at the birth and replace the fear that I had. I learned so much, and it definitely helped me during the labor and the birth of our beautiful baby. Me and my husband we were very happy with everything that we learned. Once again many thanks, Veronika!!"

Elena Toma

Private Online HypnoBirthing course, 2020

"I would like to thank you for introducing me to HypnoBirthing, and helping me have an amazing birthing experience. I never would have imagined that I would be able to give birth like I did. Your lessons helped me see birthing in a whole different way. And I have to say that if a control freak like me with no ability to let go and relax can do it, anyone can"


Private Online HypnoBirthing course, 2020

"Truly recommend Veronika and this course. She helped me overcome my birthing fear after a first terrible trauma and taught me how to trust my body and paved the way for my daughter’s beautiful hypnobirth last December."


Private Online HypnoBirthing course, 2020

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