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Learning to Let Go - A Home Birth Story

I recently received an email from a couple who did the HypnoBirthing course with me last year, including their birth story. This was their second pregnancy, and they planned for a home birth, which is also what they had in the end.

In the beginning of the course the mother had some doubts about the relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis, but over time she was able to find confidence in her own ability to give birth, and she proved to herself that practice does pay off.

This mother speaks about experiencing pain during labor, but also feeling that it was manageable, and that she was able to stay relaxed where it matters most. This is her story - and the reason I love my job.

"I started having mild and irregular contractions the day before, and in the morning the contractions became more regular and I had to start meditating in my favorite position (on the bed nesting).

A friend came to help with my other daughter who came in the room sometimes to check on me.

The first time the midwife came to check on me I had a 2 cm dilation and she thought that I still had a long way to go. By then I was feeling uncomfortable but it was manageable. The midwife checked me internally while I was having a contraction and commented on how relaxed my muscles were during the contraction (the meditation was working ).

Long story short, after 3 hours I was ready to have my baby with full dilation. It was a good thing it lasted a short time because by then I was in great pain. But still, I could keep my pelvic muscles relaxed (not the rest of my body though).

My daughter came 20 minutes after that. The midwife was really good and respected my wishes. She didn't intervene at all, just to take the baby and handed her to me.

Overall, it was an amazing experience. The HypnoBirthing lessons helped me see birthing in a whole different way. And I have to say that if a control freak like me with no ability to let go and relax can do it, anyone can."


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