Do Babies Remember Birth?

Many expecting parents may perceive the birthing part of having a child as something which they just need to get through one way or another. As long as everyone is healthy and doing well on the other side of it, the way the pregnancy and birth itself plays out does not really matter. The babies will not remember the birth later anyway - or will they?

I agree that the most important thing in the end of the day, is of course that the mother and the baby are healthy and happy. However, I also believe that the birthing experience does in fact matter, and that parents play an important role in shaping that experience as far as it is possible.

The HypnoBirthing approach is built on the premise that babies in a sense do remember their birth, and that the way parents interact with them matters. HypnoBirthing aims to allow babies to be born gently, and also highlights the importance of pre-natal as well as post-natal bonding between parents and baby. The idea that the birthing experience matters for the baby is supported by evidence suggesting that our early beginnings, from pre-conception until early after birth, impacts our health, relationships and life-quality later on in life (Lipton, 2015; Verny, 1988; Verny & Kelly, 1981).

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