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Tuning In to the Female Body and It's Strengths

How in tune are you with your body? With your cycles? With your intuition?

Let's face it, history and society have been harsh on women, and all that which is typical for women. We have been thought to see our strengths as weaknesses, to disconnect when we should be connecting, and to adapt to the outside world instead of listening to our inside world. We look at our bodies in the mirror and see flaws, rather than seeing all the amazing things our bodies do for us.

Hands up if you have ever had your period and angrily thought to yourself that women are cursed and life is unfair because we have to suffer through this emotional roller coaster and bleeding every month. I know I have.

But have you ever stopped and asked yourself why you feel like that?

Let's look at it from the other side for a moment. Women are blessed with the amazing ability to create life. Each month our wise bodies prepares for the event through hormonal cycles, each month a potential seed of life is released, and when it is determined that seed will not be needed this time, it dies, the body disposes of it and prepares for the next round. Each month is an opportunity for the body. Releasing life, and disposing that which is dead. This is how women are created, this is our power and our blessing.

Women live in a constant repeating cycle, for a big part of our lives. Life-death-life. Like the cycle of life in nature, so is also the cycle within. Often we look at this cycle as something which is getting in the way of our daily life and duties, because it effects the way we feel and perform on different days, and society's expectations are rarely adapted to accommodate this. Many women are not in tune with or respectful of their inner state, instead we push through life and try different means of covering it up.

What if we tune in instead? What if we listen to our bodies? What if we respect our bodies and needs? Being aware of your cycles, and your emotional states and needs during the different phases, can also help you meet those needs in a better way and treat yourself with kindness and respect. If you know you have certain days when you are more likely to be sensitive, you can work with that, making the effort to treat yourself with extra care during those days, and perhaps asking the same of your surroundings, to what ever degree it is possible. You can also try to plan your monthly activities in a way so that they align with your cycles, so that you can use your productivity to it's fullest when you have it, and take a step back to care for yourself when your body needs your attention inwards. This is empowerment, it's not a weakness.

Moreover, one of the greatest powers of women in my opinion is our intuition. Women are highly intuitive beings. Unfortunately society often favors numbers, statistics and hard science over intuition, so many of us have learned to disconnect and stop listening to that voice inside, while trying hard to adapt and follow what the world outside is telling us we should be doing and feeling. No wonder then, I say, so many of us end up feeling lost and incompetent, wondering what we are doing wrong and why things are not working as we expect them to. This becomes extra evident it terms of pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Pregnancy and birth are intuitive processes within a woman's body. Who should naturally be the person to best know what is going on and what is needed then? Most often, the woman herself. But in order for that to happen, she needs to tune in to her intuition, to listen, to feel, and most importantly, to trust.

If you're looking for education and ways to learn to trust your body and natural instincts for pregnancy and birth, perhaps consider looking in to following a HypnoBirthing course where a lot of focus is exactly on that - trust.

Parenting as well is a relationship between a parent and a child. Each child is different, each parent is different, and each relationship is unique. Put in to perspective, it only makes logical sense that each relationship then needs to be treated according to it's unique features, of which only that specific parent and child will be fully aware. Trying to parent according to all the different methods, opinions and expectations from everyone else is likely to make you feel like a failure more often then not. At least that has been my experience. Trying to do anything according to someone else's way and failing does not mean their ways are wrong, it just means they are not your ways. You need to find your way. To tune in. Find your inner voice. Learn to listen, to stand up for it, to trust.

I believe that in the past, and in some cultures also today, women lived closer together, connected, supporting each other, learning from each other. The older passing down their wisdom to the younger. Today we often live disconnected, and under other influences. I think we have a lot to gain by putting an effort into our female connections, creating for ourselves that community which we were meant to live in, where our powers are reinforced and understood.

To the woman reading this. You are a Goddess. You are perfectly designed in every way. You have all the power and all the knowledge within you, and you also hold the key to unlock that power and knowledge, to dig it out from where it has been hidden. Trust in yourself.

If you are looking for support on your motherhood journey, feel free to reach out to me to discuss the options.


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